31. März 2019

Rätselhafte .DAT- oder .BIN-Dateien öffnen

Opening strage .DAT or .BIN files.

Some mail programs like old Outlook – mine is Outlook 3003 – still use RFC 2047 when sending files with certain filenames or perhaps in other cases as well. To be up to date RFC 2231 is the standard to adhere to.
   Anyway. Without further philosophizing why you got a .dat or .bin file, let’s try some detective work.
   Store the file somewhere on your computer. I use a folder named temp.
   Make a copy to play with.
   Open the copy with the editor or wordpad or a similar character-by-character program, and see what you get.
As you see, you see nothing. Even the indication of xml didn’t help.
But I knew that it must be some sort of text file.
   So I renamed it from .dat to .doc. Word opened it, but came up with a similar confusion as Wordpad before.
   Being the year 2019 I then assumed the more modern docx format, and renamed the unknown file to .docx. And bingo, my “Winword” (Word), having the right docx etc. converters*) since years, also those for open office files like with .ad* or .ot* (example .odt), opened the document all right, with all the original characteristics like the character type Calibri 15 points etc.
The origin of the idea:

This blog entry: http://j.mp/2V8kEPV
   =  https://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2019/03/ratselhafte-dat-oder-bin-dateien-offnen.html

*) Look for “FileFormatConverters.exe”. My exe is from Microsoft and has 38.149 kB. 

Winmal.dat files siehe https://support.mozilla.org/de/kb/anhang-winmaildat

Dat-Dateien als Videos: Try playing with VLC media player, or convert them with one of the many online or offlince video converters like here

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