11. April 2018

Editing Hidden OCR Text in PDF

Summary: Can’t be done, I think
In einer selbst gescannten PDF-Datei den gescannten, durchsuchbaren, »versteckten« Inhalt korrigieren – geht nicht, finde ich …

Adobe clearly states (here): “For scanning and archiving hard copy documents with embedded "hidden" text to enable computerized search, products from other vendors must be used. The Adobe Acrobat products are inadequate to the task.” So don’t even try.

Infix $ 160, ab € 80
Nitro € 180 

Online Alternatives

PDFescape (max. PDF 10 MByte and 100 pages)

  After uploading I could not find where to see and edit “hidden text”.

• “You can edit the text that is hidden behind the printed text, but the process is rather cumbersome.
    Use the Touchup Text Tool [Werzeuge, Erweiterte Bearbeitung, Toucup-Textwerzeug] to select the line of text that you wish to edit. Select all the text that is in the box. Right click and select 'Attributes' [Eigenschaften]. There is a little box in the bottom left hand side [Füllfarbe] of the Attributes dialog. Click this box and a colour palette will appear. Select a colour different from the printed one. For example, if the printed text is black, select Red. You will then be able to see the hidden searchable text and make the changes you require.” – says Andrew_E_D_Clark@adobeforums.com here

   Not really: the specific original type may not be available, like in my test document:
Also: I don’t want to edit the visible text, but just the hidden one!

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