6. November 2019

Iphone-Bilder in .HEIC

High Efficiency Image Coding (or “container”) usually are pictures taken by Iphone. More from Wikipedia, here (deutsch hier).
   Open and convert them with 


 the see-all-formats-viewer.
   Irfanview by Bosnian Irfan Skiljan, even an old one of 2014, version 4.38 (currently 4.53), shows .HEIC files all right in my Windows 7, and stores them in JPG, if you like. File size remains the same. What happens to HEI containers with multiple pictures in them, I don’t know. Irfanview, created  was famous making favicons back in 2004.<2004 .="" font="" nbsp="">
   See HEIF pictures examples here.

Read about Irfan Skiljan from Jajce (Jaitze) here.
Ansichtskarte von Jajce aus dem Jahr 1909
Permalink to here http://j.mp/2Nopzeb


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