18. November 2019

Get rid of, delete Campaign Notifier Malware

Campaign Notifier, also CampaignNotifier in one Word, even CampaignNotifierWindow… as here (shown in Windows 7): 

This “notifier” is an uncalled for piece of software in Windows or in a browser. I tried a number of recipes to get rid of it. None worked for me. 
   As you see, I started the task manager with Ctrl-Alt-Del, looked at running applications, and killed Campaign… .
   (The thing may also be under running services, as LogiOptions… , see below.)

Now details. 

I became aware of Notifier with my old old program from 1996 by http://www.jddesign.co.uk to switch tasks (programs, running apps) with Alt-Tab: Tab2desk . It showed a program I had never called in, and I couldn’t switsch to it. Strange.  
· Notifier was not present in the browser as add-on.
by easyvirusremovalsols., see http://j.mp/32ZxxyO
· Notifier was not an installed program in the control panel as indicated here (Systemsteuerung\Programme\Programme und Funktionen)
· Notifier did not get detected by Kaspersky, by F-Secure, or by Microsoft Security Essentials. Kaspersky for example just calls nuisances like notifier “malvertizing” …
· So far I can see, notifier has as yet done no harm here.

In the registry I found "notifier" at 
· Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RADAR\DiagnosedApplications/LogiCampaignNotifier.exe
· HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RADAR\HeapLeakDetection\DiagnosedApplications\LogiCampaignNotifier.exe
· HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3473372434-2520376616-3695111064-1000\Software\Logitech\SP6 (SP stands for set point.)

   I use a Logitech mouse and I’m happy with it.
   The solution from November 1, 2019, I found at Reddit:
That’s from Logitech SetPoint - to disable it go to SetPoint Settings -> Tools -> SetPoint Options (icon with tools) -> uncheck Analytics & Promotions. Also above it there is Web Updates Configure button - click on it and disable auto updates if you want.

   By Start, msconfig, Systemstart, I found 

Logitech SetPoint is seen here as last line with a parameter “launchGaming”. 
   Looking with the file manager under Programs I found this:
And here is the “LogiCampaignNotifier.exe”. At C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP\Campaign

Click off the check mark, and that should do it – however: Set point notifies you of a low battery in the mouse, and allows all sorts of mouse behavioral training, so: Why not leave it in? 

On September 9, 2019, a Robert comments: In a Win 7 setup, having had Logitech Setpoint installed, the problem persisted until I uninstalled Logitech Setpoint. It used to pop up several times per day eating a lot of memory, if left alone easily consumed over 1.2Mb [of RAM] Has not reappeared once since I removed the Logitech Setpoint application.

As this notifier reappears after each system start, I’ll remove from the autostart. I’ll let you know what happens. 
   Another reversible avoidance trick would be to rename folder Setpoint or its LogiCampaignNotifier.exe, see last screenshot. Then you don’t see it as task.

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