9. Dezember 2019

Finding Picasa Web Albums

Don’t try the original human-interpretable link with “Picasa”, like http://picasaweb.google.de/Fritz.Joern/Hooge. It leads nowhere since Google took over.
   Gives an Error 404, “not found”

Finding the album – They are NOT lost!

Look at your complete list of Google Photo Albums.
(Make sure to be looged in to the correct Goole account …)

Open your (correct) personal Google Photo (or »Foto«) account, klick Albums (Alben) at the left side, and wait and scroll patiently all the way down and down.

There you’ll find the missing albums chronologically under their original name, in this case »Hooge«. Point your mouse at the album you want to re-view, left click to get the new link address, copy it, like https://get.google.com/albumarchive/107484383993159578524/album/AF1QipNCGL8NJnQj7Pao_jzNnozGXgUhTbUJHovOndgS.
   If you want an easier address, see below here

If you see gray squares at the very end, never mind, these are albums without content (“no elements”, »keine Elemente«), probably produced by mistake.

Former blog entry to this subject (Summer 2018):

Permalink to this blog entry (“post”) j.mp/fj2Pq2x6w
 = https://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2019/12/finding-picasa-web-albums.html

About your personal Google’s Album Archive – it contains all pictures you ever shared in Picasa, Blogger or other products grabbed by Google:
or German 
   Make sure to be logged into the right Google account! If you don’t find an album you remember, think back of which of your your accounts you may have used.

Getting an easier address for your old album

You see the old album on your screen. The pictures are all enbedded in black. Klick menu ⁝ and take the second choice (here: »In Google verwalten«, see screenshot above).
   A moment and the scenery changes to a white backgrond. You are now back to life, as seen in the screenshot at the right. And here you can get an addess to share, via the three point share icon. Voilà:

It’s a long way to Tipperary!

Getting a real short address

Use bit.ly or – the same – j.mp. There’s an optional plug-in for the browser. You can even personalize the short link. I added fj. So my Hooge is at  j.mp/fj2YzmADC .

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