3. Dezember 2020

Deep Links into Google Books

To address Google Books you either need an ISDN number or, more universal, Google’s book identification. Google gives some hints here:
   https://support.google.com/books/partner/answer/3474239?hl=en ,
or, in German with “de” instead of “en” at the end:
https://support.google.com/books/partner/answer/3474239?hl=de .
If you want to link to a specific page of the document see the
tips at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11584551/need-information-on-query-parameters-for-google-books-e-g-difference-between-d. Stackoverflow there tells you to address a page with &pg=<page number>.

Here at left is my example:

The reader comes directly to page 189.Generally

&id is Google’s book  identification, here pJtMAAAAcAAJ

&pg is the page I want to lead to, 189 in this case.
   If you want to search for text you may try that with
&dq=<search text>, example

 https://books.google.de/books?id=pJtMAAAAcAAJ&dq=Dei voluntas populi

&d=<search text> should be used additionally, suggests Stackoverflow, and shows some more parameters.
   I suggest to check the result before sending it around. Good pointing! 

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