18. November 2020

My Virtual Vineyard

My remote vineyard is in California, in Napa Valley, high up in the western hills of St. Helena on the road to Santa Rosa. Thanks to Google I can count the rows of wines from space, and thanks to e-mail I even know that they survived the Glass Fire :

The sun rising over the vineyard for a hot summer day. Tuesday 20.6.2017, 6.03 am. Photos Jörn

“Raindrip” irrigation valve

When I visited my friends from many decades back there in 2017, probably the very last time, I picked up a souvenir, a drip irrigation valve lost on the ground. I’m a technician, unfortunately without any specific idea of wine. But I have friends.
   Since then this little valve accompanies me in my satchel with the medicines I take, along with the pills in their blister packs. Only now I realize that one plastic valve is worth seven Dollars, so I really should have asked …
   My little water valve with my daily virtual melancholy, positive memoirs of good times past, turn out to be my best medicine.

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(Sorry, to a German it’s a wineyard, Weingarten, with w. And a winery in no Weinerei, constant sobbing, but a Weinkellerei.)

This is a tiny 6½ cm (2½") mouth organ, a “Puck” by Hohner, without its broken away covers.
It sounds good, and resides as well in my medicine satchel, reminds me of my little † daughter Svea.


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