4. Februar 2020

The Weisswurst Experience

… a tutorial dedicated to Pat and all American friends, knowers and banauses.

First: A “Weißwurst” is a thick and mellow white sausage—as the word says: weiß = white, and Wurst = sausage. Used as adjective wurst it’s no matter; note the decapitalzation. Weißwurst is spelled with ß, yet another type of s, that Germans have on the keyboard far away in the upper right corner beyond the zero. Use a β beta sign in case of urgent need, or transliterate to ss as the Swiss do.
   OK, here’s how you savour it.
Foto Jörn
Here’s what you need
• Fresh Weißwürst from your visiting friend from Munich, Bavaria.
   Do not try to import thm by plane to the US though, they will be customly confiscated and probably not even eaten. A pre-Trump procedure.
   Don’t buy too many. They are quite satisfying, corrupt quickly, and will be eaten by your cosmopolitic neighbour at the last minute of life (of the Wurst, naturally!).
   Two pais per person are too much, unless back from a ski ride..
• The correct mustard, in this case sweet mustard, so as not to overpower the smooth and balanced meaty taste. This is not Knackwurst, Wiener or Frankfurter (the same, seen from resectively the other province), or other.
   What looks like a mug o’ tea on the tray is a pot of Bavarian mustard, really.
• Some bread, preferably a Brezel (pretzel). I roasted microwave breadsticks from the “Frigidaire”, as we used to say when refrigerators had no motor and ran on icesticks, and were no Frigidaires but Kühlschränke, cooling Schranks. If you get an honest pretzel w/o lye, even better. Remember: Weißwürst are not a salty-sour experience, are good ’n sweet and warmly filling. See the encyclopedial list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sausages .
• Probably a beer. Again not the popular Pils type, bitter, originally from Bohemia (Pilsen) like Kafka, with more alcohol than taste, but ideally a Helles, a light and bright beer, that excels by volume and not by brute taste. Here in Bonn I drink semilocal Kölsch, a blond type beer as well. American beer will do, it has no taste either. Stict vegetarians enjoy warm tap water.

How to cook the Würst
   Don’t! Rest them for a while – and serve them – in hot water. So they won’t suffer or burst premorterly.

How to eat Weißwürst
   Now that’ the culture question! In olden times the meat was so soft, so mellow and so watery, that you grabbed a sausage by hand and bit into the other end, politely “squose” out the meat, sucking, more and more, until finished satisfied. As you formerly did with asparagus.
   Not any more.
Foto Jörn
A fork will hold the product in place

Foto Jörn
The knive comes to action und slits the Wurst all along the side. Take any position on the perimeter, but go ahead. Slit the inner meat apart in zwo halfmoon shaped sides. Don’t cut the thing all apart into two pieces.

Foto Jörn
Carefully loosen the meat of one side, using your knive, still laterally with the flat side.

Foto Jörn
Separate. You are now ready to eat your Weißwurst, the first half of the first single sausage of the first pair of sausages. But do not fear: Weißwürst (that’s the plural, Wurst to Würst) come in endless chains. It’s the human that cuts them.

Foto Jörn
And don’t forget the mustard.

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BesucherzaehlerIncidentally: You can eat the skin. It just isn’t as tasty as the content. Usually the skin is natural and comes from Afghanistan or Egypt.

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