11. Januar 2020

World Population Grow → Heat

This is world’s population growth curve (clickable).
   • The dip in 1350 is the Pestilence: down to just 330 Millions.

   • 1st billion (german: Milliarde, Mrd.) 1796, 1928 second billion, and off we go into the sky …
   Source is the «Folio» magazine by Neue Zürcher Zeitung, perhaps readable only paying. The article and the examples of crowded life are very interesting and extremely well written! If you are interested in details, let me know, I have access as subscriber.
   I say: With this growth there is no halt of heating, temperature and hate. 
   Every person gives about 70 Watt, just by being anywhere, without any gadget he or she or it uses; depressed people much less, perhaps 20 W, listening to Beethoven, and jogging much or very much more …
  You know that from electrocardiograms (“Treadmill testing”), I learned it in university when estimating the Berlin Philharmony air conditioning requirements during “full houses”.
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