18. Januar 2020

HP LaserJet installation

I’ve spent hours – every time! – to install the software for Wi-Fi-based black and white “HP LaserJet” printers. I have two of them in different locations, so as to use the same cartridges. As operating system I (still) use Windows 7.
   Both posts are german:
HP-Drahtlosdrucker anschließen from 1.4.2019 with so far 52 views (as of 18.1.2020)
Mist HP LaserJet P1102w from 15.9.2017 with so far 207 views (as of 18.1.2020)
  (finally using the WPS button). »Mist« means “crap”; I was angry.

Todays experience:
· Wrong local IP address
· No driver, or no driver found
· Simply not printing
• Get the installation software from, for example: j.mp/fj2RnCyNK =
• Use the original installation software from the self extracting tool
name: HP LaserJet Pro P1100, P1560, P1600 Series Full Feature Software and Driver
version as of January 2020: v20180815, 157.1 MByte from December 9, 2019
   I used an older
hp_LJP1100_P1560_P1600_Full_Solution-v20120831-50157036_SMO.exe 147 MByte

Good luck! Once it runs the low cost black and white laser printer prints fast, prints a long time with the same cartridge, and may rest unattended for long periods, there is no ink that dries and stops jetting, forever – despite the misnomer laser-jet. This printer is engine driven, no jet.

• Tipp: Print a blank page to test – uses least paper!

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