7. Juli 2016

Combine two pdf pages onto one

Not: Combine two pdf files into one – that’s standard and easy. But:
  Merge 2 (or 4) pages of a pdf file together onto 1 page (each).
This is a pdf file with two pages (left column) displayed continuously on the right. The ------- line symbolizes a page break.

   Now you want to put these two pages onto one:
This is one pdf page. The solid horizontal line is “printed” onto the page, in my case optionally.
   There are three ways to get this:
1. Virtually print the two-page pdf with the "printer" named "Adobe PDF" onto a file, taking care that (always) two pages are printed on one “piece of paper”. You can then open the output file with an Acrobat and store it as pdf. You loose the OCR content. – I didn’t try this, but the solution is found on many a place.
2. Store the two pdf pages as jpg pages. You loose the OCR. Now patch the jpgs together into one single picture page, using some photo processing, or Word, whatever. I tried this. The resolution was bad.
3. Use an online service. I took 
It’s easy to use, free of charge, you can place the original parts underneath each other (in my case) or sidewise, you can add a separator (“Split Line”) in color or not (I did). You may select a menu language.
   Then you look at the result (“open with”) and or download the compacted pdf. 

Incidentally: In rare cases you may encounter an error by the online program. Hidden or cut away text of an earlier original might spoil the output like this:
Here the upper part of the page is messed up with some stuff I had successfully cut out earlier. If you click on it, it gets backgrounded blue (see above). Open the page with your Acrobat Writer (“Professional”) and select the tool “Touchup Object” to delete the hidden stuff.

Note that http://pdfdu.com/ offers many other tricks with pdf files, online and off. Have a look. It may save you a lot of time and or trouble. 

Link to here:

Acrobat. Zwei PDF-Seiten auf eine PDF-Seite kopieren.
Vier PDF-Seiten auf eine PDF-Seite kopieren. zusammenfassen, zusammenstellen, merge, mergen. 

Acrobat 8 auf Windows 7 (und anderen):

Teile ausschneiden (cut out of page): http://blogabissl.blogspot.de/2016/05/teile-aus-pdf-ausschneiden-innerhalb.html

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