23. Januar 2014

The man who knew Davenport

Near Bonny Doon beach
Sure, Google knows where Davenport is: in Iowa, across the Mississippi from Illinois.

That’s not my Davenport, mine is here on California’s highway one (State Route 1, “Cabrillo” Highway).
   George, my old friend, he knew: about the old cement factory there – I had remembered it too – he even knew a restaurant – I didn’t, hadn’t even thought of eating in the wilderness of hippie times. George: “It was once a whaling station. Good little eatery for breakfast or lunch. If you continued north, you would come to Half Moon Bay.”
   Reminiscenses. 1970 on the beach, age 29. No pictures available, just glossy analog prints from Safeway, slowly yellowing with my fine divorced wife of then. Cliffs and cold foamy Pacific stored in my memory stick, called head, no USB plug available yet. Even Google shows just a foggy remembrance of the place (well, there’s Panoramio!) – So thank you, George, for remembering in person!

From Davenport Cove Beach
Davenport is some 12 miles (19 km) north of Santa Cruz, 17 minutes by bus. Look at California Beaches for a map.

The “tunnel” I remember seems to have survived the tidings of the time. In my memory it was shorter, further out to the sea, but offering a fine frame for pictures as well. Look here.

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