27. Januar 2014

Cupertino dreaming

A basket of dried California fruit by Mariani,
a traditional gift
Just googled around in Cupertino this morning.
   We used to joke about the name: “cup ’a tea now”. But the name comes from Copertino in Lecce in the “heel” of Italy, or directly from its saint.
   So I found our apartment of 1970, or was it 71 and on, at Parkwood Drive, “Glenwood Apartments” for the childless old, an “adult community” with swimming pools not for children. Where ’s Apple today, Mariani grew apricots (with thousands of ladybirds). The Mariany family with their sales wagon at North Stelling Road (long gone?) stems from the Croatian island of Lemnos, now Vis, you find their fine family history here. (For me this Internet is still a living miracle with capial I, better than Saint Josef of Copertino’s levitation could ever have been.)
   Back in the 70s people stopped on Stevens Creek and offered to give you a ride when they saw you on foot; no public transport then. We often walked, despite our small beetle or our company “full sized sedan”. When people unserstood that we just came from Germany, they asked us if we now would speak English at home?
  On the crossing of Stevens Creek and Saratoga-Sunnyvale Boulevard – now “De Anza“ – an old cement work offered its very non-electronic products, and in the small mall up front a barber shop gave me regular haircuts. Now I think there is the “city center”, as depicted in Wikipedia.
   In local TV every night an agressive car dealer destroyed a car with his heavy hammer, “slashing” prices as he shouted, always ending in: “This is you Uncle Sam (?), saying nottin’ but thanks!”.
   The parking lot of  De Anza College, where we crushed used cans for recyling with hand made levers, it’s still there. Recyling used to be a community affair on Saturday mornings, like picknicks in national forests. You could even swim in Dea Anza, we saw water balleys with synchronous figures. Now I guess there’s no pool any more, looking at it from outer space. I never noticed their modern museum though.
St. Josef (of  Copertino) in Cupertino
 Still, my favourite place was south of Cupertino: Montalvo.

I notice that all memory is just episodal.

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