12. Februar 2021

Dynamic Link Not Found – Google’s new surprise

You’d like to see pictures – but all you see is this:

The reason is an incorrect link (to your photos in this case). Normally, when you try to access a URL and it’s not there or you misspelled the link, you get an error 404:

The given page could not be found.

This was so since ages. For reasons unknown to me, Google uses “Firebase Dynamic Links” to address photo albums. So either you get to see the pictures right away – or you wind up with Firebase.
   Let’s look at the details. In this case the link to this picture album is
https://photos.app.goo.gl/TW4QiJu8Zc6gDyXp8 correctly. For reasons of privacy I want to open this album only to non-artificial intelligences, real people who note that
https://photos.app.goo.gl/TW4QiJuXXX8Zc6gDyXp8 can’t be right.
   Remove the XXX and you’ll see pictures of a rainy day along the Rhine with a friend. I just don’t think I look good in shorts … So I hide the album. Sorry.

With smartphones the result is even worse:

Opps – a problem has occured. Please try again. OK

Firebase does not give a clue. And there is no way to recuperate. You might keep your finger on the link to then copy it to the clipboard (Zwischenablage). But still, you won’t be able to edit it on a smartphone, unless I put those Xes to the very end …

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