2. Februar 2019

No Google Playstore? – Use Aptoide

My Blackberry Q10 with  (some kind of) Android, software version, shows an empty Google Playstore  page or suggests “that no device is connected”. Completely ununderstandable, as it just this moment runs in a device, or what? There (still) are some suggestions in the net how to get that fixed. I managed none of these.
   Here’s what you see when you try to download for example »VR-Banking«:

The problem is the very small white exclamation mark: »Du hast keine Geräte.« You have no devices. Rubbish! If you log in with Google, in my case with Gmail, that doesn’t help either:  
This Google account isn’t yet connected to a device. – Dead end!

 So I looked for an alternative to this seroisly broken playstore. I found some, amongs others

I got all the few apps I wanted.
   A monsterous (german) or playful (english) litte thing called Giga, all in capital letters, wouldn’t help either, by the way.

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Good luck!


Direct entry here:

 == Don’t install VR-Banking or VR-SecureGo, very badly rated, see
and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.fiducia.smartphone.android.banking.vr

== No final success so far! ==

Here how I got VR-Banking via Aptoide.
   First I started Aptoide in my Blackberry Q10, that’s a red icon with this fat white arrowhead downwards, as in the screenshot above.
 When you found VR-Banking, you download it.
Aptoide shows vr-banking
Hit and download it. At first apparently nothing happens, but there’s a red mark at the bottom right with “Apps”.

 Hit the red 4 (in my case) and you get a progress report on the download:
VR-Banking – Download läuft (in progress), 67%
VR-Banking »Bereit zur Installation« – ready to install.
(Aptoide had been updated as »Aktualisierung«.)
Then you install VR-Banking. It creates an icon on your dashboard(s):
Everything ok?


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