17. Dezember 2015

Morning Glories, a fascisty comic

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morning_Glories
»Morning Glories« is quite famous and – looking at the Internet – highly praised. It’s about high school kids, and it’s flashingly well designed.
   So I bought a compilation of Morning Glories #1-38, ISBN 978-1-63215-213-8, for my daughter and me.
   Then I tried to read it. I got to the end. I understood little or nothing. I’m facinated with all its phantasy, the pictures – but I felt horror from all the coldblooded killings, the fascist emotions.
   In the Internet I found no critique, just praise for the very successful series. Personally I think it’s rather fascist: a superpersonal goal, that’s to be reached without any mercy or empathy. The end justifies the means. Plus the end is nebulous.
From http://comicsalliance.com/morning-glories-nick-spencer-interview/
   So I didn’t give the book to Carla. She doesn’t like comics half as much as myself, anyway.
Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea

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