12. Dezember 2015

Case Sensitivity in Windows and Web Sites

Groß- und Kleinbuchstaben in Windows und im Web
MS-Dos and Windows are not case sensitive, so is Apple’s OS. The file system may preserve case, but you can’t have a folder like »Strasse« and another one »strasse« in the same folder.

If you try to make a folder »strasse«,
and there’s a folder »Strasse« in place already,
the systems asks you, if you want to replace the previous »Strasse« folder.
Not so in the Internet, that mostly relies on Unix hosts. And they are case sensitive.
   For example: The address
  works fine. If you spell, however, »Frauenfoerderung« with a capital letter F, 

   you end up with an error. »Es wurde eine ungültige Seite angefordert« – you requested an invalid page.

Left: Windows file system. Right: the web server’s file system
as seen in (an old) FTP

To avoid this in singular cases 
make a folder
with a different name
(e.g. strasseklein),
upload it to the server, 

and rename it there (strasse).

My example is www.Sarner-Geschichtsverein.Org (so far, no case sensitivity!) with
   This folder houses the actual content I want to show.
A second folder, with capital Strasse,
only contains an immediate rerouting to the »small« folder:
‹meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://Sarner-Geschichtsverein.Org/Strasse/index.htm"›
(the ‹ and › sign are, of course, proper lt and gt signs for HTML).
   Locally the folder (subdirectory) strasse (in the web) is named »strasseklein« in my Windows.

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