17. August 2015

How to Stop Autoplay in Youtube

When a Youtube video ends, Youtube starts another in less than ten seconds.
(»Next video«, Nächstes Video):
That’s »autoplay«.
   If you do not want that:
Create a playlist, put the video into the playlist, and run the playlist. The URL looks like this:


All in one line, naturally. You are welcome to try.
The »?v=…« is the specific video, the »&list=…« is the playlist, formally.

To create a playlist: Log in to Youtube

 Click the menu (the three thick lines on the upper left). Select »my channel« (Mein Kanal)
Now you can click »Video Manager«, and you’ve got the good old video manager, you are used to. It will show your uploaded videos, newest first, like this:

On the left in the menu you see »Playlists«.Select that, to see your playlists in chronological order:

Don’t mess with your established paylists, click on »new playlist« (upper right, »Neue Playlist«), and create one at your ease. The name does not matter. Into this playlist place the one video you’d like to show and then stop. Just one video. Mail your friends the link to run this playlist.
   Your video will play and then stop. Thank you, Youtube. And don’t you dare to change that!

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