23. Januar 2021

my first website

Thanks to Archive.Org = the Wayback Machine I can offer you my very fist website Joern.De at https://web.archive.org/web/19961222114837/http://www.joern.de/ from December 22, 1996:

                                  … and so on …

Two months earlier Berlin.De had opened, with this site https://netzpolitik.org/2019/die-wirre-geschichte-einer-hauptstadt-website/ .

Since then screens have widened, so my text became relatively smaller and the lines longer and longer. No frames were possible then, I added them later in form of a top frame with a bit of navigation, wich I copy onto each page. Even today no content managment system is used. Pages are static. No ads.
   I still can edit the HTML source code if something needs correction or a small addition. Here the original first lines:

Once this new century I added a cover page, a digital preface, so viewers don’t think they are in the last century – where many hadn’t beeen born yet.
   So if you call upon Joern.De nowadays, or Joern.com or Jorn.De or even Jörn.De (yes, with umlaut), you get a hand-made preface page with just minimum information, especially my automatically calculated age. Insofar my page is dynamic now. Let’s hope it stays that way a little time longer.

Link to this blog post http://j.mp/fj3iEy5ne
= https://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2021/01/my-first-website.html

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