3. Juni 2020

Schießgummi als Lesezeichen

Use a Rubberr Band as Bookmark.
Benützen Sie einen Schießgummi (eine Gummifletsche) als Lesezeichen.

dann kann Ihnen nachts das Buch aus der Hand fallen.
then you can loose the book when falling asleep. 

Link:  j.mp/fj3eHIk6U
 = https://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2020/06/schiegummi-als-lesezeichen.html

s.a. https://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2020/01/history-for-13000-years.html


PS. This hint is dedicated to Jared Diamond.

“ … the training that old people received 70 years ago is useless”, and: “My abilities to build a vacuum-tube radio and to drive a manual-shift car have also become obsoltete”, writes Jared Diamond. ) I can do that too, but Prof. Diamons forgets our newest abilities! I drive a manual-shift car, but I also fix PCs, powerline LAN connections, and modern clothes dryers! My 18 years old daugher couldn’t, despite her excellent high school finish.

Reading his book
The World unil Yesterday, What can we Learn from traditional Societies?” (
fivehundred pages)
I got the idea to this rubber band trick—especially while thinking about Diamond’s examples of the relative uselessness of us elderly. Diamond himself is 83 and the living example of an active and important man.
   So before falling asleep
take the rubber band off towards the left side of the book,
and move it
on the right side to your current page position
Unless you read

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