10. Oktober 2018

No Focus – Kein Autofokus Lumix

My Panasonic Lumix TZ61
(TZ:“Travel Zoom”), Firmware 1.0, would not autofocus any more.
Meine Lumix stellte nicht mehr scharf. Der Autofokus fokussierte nicht mehr.
After starting the camera the focus indicator and a red square would blink forever. 0.5m - ∞ appeared in red blinking as well.
   With some luck it focussed in another setting like iA, or in another direction.
   Quick pictures couldn’t be taken any more and to make a sharp panorama became totally impossible.

Immediate temporary solution

Zoom a little.

Standard Operating Instructions here.
   Nach den Start der Kamera blinkte die runde grüne Schärfeanzeige und ein rotes Kästchen ohne Ende. 0.5m - ∞ blinkte rot darunter.
   Bei einer anderen Einstellung wie iA ging’s vielleicht, oder in eine andere Richtung.
   Schnelle Bilder gingen nicht mehr, scharfe Panoramas ließen sich überhaupt nicht mehr machen.

Abhilfe zur Not

Etwas zoomen.

Generelle Bedienungsanleitung hier.

This post – Link hierher   http://j.mp/2INCoL6
   = http://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2018/10/no-focus-kein-autofokus-lumix.html

Possibly something  like the digital zoom setting could irritate the camera or some other focus setting. Here some forum guesses, onetwo.

PS. How can I prevent sucked in dirt into the lens system when the camera opens? Or remove it? I like to have the camera handy in my jeans’ pocket, and I refuse to protect it with any shell or cover – or have you ever seen a Western hero drawing his gun from the holster and first unwrapping a plastic pouch before he shoots?
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Impressing focussing (and camouflage), photo by “Sonyshine” from Dorset, found here:

Gonepteryx rhamni (Linnæus, 1758) – Zitronenfalter

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