20. Februar 2018

Picasa Geotagging help

February 2018. You want to add the geographic location to a picture in Picasa – perhaps because Google Photos (Fotos) does not allow to do that, and you want to re-upload the picture with coordinates?
   In (local) Picasa you click the “control field to show/hide the location”, the inverse red drowp at bottom right, in German this:
• If the picture already has coordinates put in by the camera, you’ll see the place in a separate column, like this:
• If you’d like to geotag the picture later, you might see an error message:
“The browser you use is not supported by Google Maps Javacript API [application programming interface, Schnittstelle für Anwendungen]. Use another browser.” 
   Do not try to use an other browser. Picasa is no browser. I use Firefox and that’s fine.
   You must fix something in the registry. That’s difficult.
   But there is a little program of 1 kByte that does that for you, called FixPicasaMap.reg. This little helper program is hidden as a music file named FixPicasaMap.reg.mp3 at http://j.mp/2GuDSri (= 
   Do not try to play the file:
   It will not play, as really: It isn’t music. Store the file somewhere and delete the .mp3 ending by changing it’s name with your Windows explorer. It should be called FixPicasaMap.reg
   The .reg indicates to your Windows operating system, that it is a script to edit something in the registry.
   So boldly click FixPicasaMap.reg and Picasa will be fixed. 
Picasa will now allow you to geolocate the picture by searching the address, entering coordinates etc. Just as you were used to do that before.
   When re-upload pictures to Google photo albums take care that you have the most recent caption (Bildunterschrift), not only the precise (or purposely misleading … ) geolocation. By the way: You can even purge (löschen) the location.

Acknowledgements. I thank Susanne S. from this forum, Renus A. from this, and Christine Schulze-Dammert who originally explained the patch into the registry like this: At HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\Feature_Browser_Emulation
add a DWORD named “picasa3.exe” and set to 2af8. 
In fact the FixPicasaMap.reg patch just contains: 
   Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
   [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION]

For a more detailed description to use Picasa see:

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PS. If someone finds a way to add the geolocation into a picture in an album of Google photos, please let me know; Fritz@Joern.De
   Behind Google’s cloud is hell, not heaven!  

Another new problem: If Picasa won’t accept videos, either forget it, or install the K-lite-Codec-Pack or Apples Quicktime, reboot system, and try again.

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Thanks! Much appreciated. Picasa is still my best choice for editing my photo's and keeping things organised.
I would be even better if I could still use the Google Earth program to geotag, but I get the error "you will need to install Google Earth" in Picasa.. Fixes for that on the internet seem outdated..
Anyway, thanks again - this will help massively already.