18. Dezember 2017

The Jörns’ Year 2017

Dear Friends,
   2017 has given us our second grandchild and has brought our daughter Carla back from the USA!
  Fritz’ daughter Birte, married in Zurich, had her second child, Jakob, on January 12, 2017. His sister Frida will turn four this December. Great joy for everyone and more work for the Eugster family. 
   Fritz’ 98-year-old mother in Austria, the eldest in the family, is doing well.
   Our daughter Carla, now 16, went to school in Soquel, CA in 2016-17 and lived in Capitola south of Santa Cruz with Fritz’ old friend Gaye. A new world opened up for her, close friends, good teachers, an exciting life with trips to Canada and LA. Now she’s back here in 9th grade, on her way to receiving her high school diploma (“Abitur”) in three years. Normal life again. 

Fritz, Carla, Gisela, Albert, Gaye in California                                      Photo 201712/mit_Albert (2)
Picking up Carla gave Gisela, 53, and me, 76, the chance to revisit California after almost twenty years and to travel up to Oregon with Carla. Fritz, who worked in Cupertino in the early seventies and later, had great fun, met old friends, and revisited places – see the daily diary at http://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2017/06/california-revisited.html. Gisela enjoyed seeing Carla again, chatting with our dear host Gaye, and doing a bit of shopping.
Grandpa Fritz, grandson Jakob, daughter Carla in Zurich  Photo
201712/Taufe_Jakob (75)
 As every year, we often were in South Tyrol, went to Zurich, and also to Gisela’s hometown up north for traditional open-air family bowling, “Boßeln”. 
Daughter and mother: Carla and Gisela 
Photo 201712/IMG-20171207-WA000
We travelled a lot: to the Mosel at New Year's and Antwerp in December (Gisela had a business appointment there).

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We send our best regards and wish you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018

Bonn, in December 2017. Gisela, Carla and Fritz Jörn

Panorama Davenport beach, north of Santa Cruz, CA  Photo Davenport (14)
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