14. Juli 2017

Hyphenation in Blogger

Überholt – superseded: http://blogabissl.blogspot.de/2018/05/silbentrennung-in-blogger.html 

 Short lines – perhaps due to pictures – or long words as in German – like »Blumenstraußbinden« – ask for hyphenation (Silbentrennung). Without hyphenantion the text will look ragged, incoherent, and become difficult to read. 

   But not in every case and for everybody. Sometimes words read better when not cut up. You decide, you test, you try!
   When you write your texts into Blogger, as I do here, an easy way to add possible hypens is to insert the invisible character shy (soft hyphen) at places with possible hypenation. 
   You can do that directly into the plain text, you don’t have to switch to HTML!
   Just type in ­ – you’ll see that when writing, but not in the preview and later in the view of the blog post. (Of course you can alternatively add ­ in HTML mode.) 
   Let’s see:
   I have added soft hy­phens into the words hy­phen and into ir­ri­gation, although that’s such a case where you really wouldn’t need hypenation.
   You’ll find many more elaborate posts to this subject, for example here. I wrote about Silbentrennung in German here.


Silbentrennung im Blog erreicht man durch eingeben »weicher« Trenn­un­gen ­ an möglichen Trennstellen. Das kann direkt im normalen Text gemacht werden, also etwa Trenn­ung.
   Dabei ist das kommerzielle & ein Steuerzeichen, shy steht für soft hyphen, weichen, also bedingten Trennstrich, und der ; markiert das Ende der Sonderzeichenfolge. 

Überholt – superseded:

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