14. Mai 2017

Fixing my Old Cherry Keyboard

This is my old Cherry keyboard. I had used it at Tandem Computers in the 1980s. The manufacturer Cherry used to be famous for its good and robust computer keyboards. They probably still are, see here.
   Here’s the rear side, including the switch setting at the left. Klick to enlarge.
Today I run this keyboard on Windows 7. The original round DIN type plug needs an adapter, and then one more to connect it to USB, but that’s standard.
   To clean it I had put it into the dishwasher once, and let it dry. (Do not do this to modern slim keyboards. There the keys work via a plastic foil. Water inbetween these foils won’t dry that easily. So you might have to wait half a year or forever to get the keys to work again.)
   But I noticed that the A didn’t work well any more.
   So I pulled the A. To pull a key cap you do not need a special tool. Just hang some thin wire, a piece of fishing rod, a thread or anything thin and flexible over the key and under it. Then pull out the keycap vertically, as you would a boy’s milk molar.
That’s what I found: a lot of hair around. No wonder, the A didn’t click. I removed the hair, clipped on the keycap again, and bingo. My Cherry keyboard works like new – and has no Windows keys. Ad blocked!

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And here is a video how those switches work (no paid ad!):

By the way: I use my own, special character layout, see http://blogabissl.blogspot.de/2013/09/tastaturtreiber-andern-ab-windows-vista.html (German)

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