15. September 2021

WhatsApp on a Huawei nova

We had lost Whatsapp on my wifes’s Huawei nova (CAN-L11 EMU 5.0.3. Android 7.0), due to an aborted update of whatsapp.

I searched the web how to reinstall whatsapp. Everybody suggested to get Huawei’s own app store, named AppGallery, look for (green) whatsapp there, and install it. It turned out that in the AppGallery there were a lot of helper programs (= apps) for the whatsapp messenger, and it was easy to install one of them and end up far away from whatsapp itself. So do not use Huawei’s “AppGallery” to get the WhatsApp Messenger (in this case).

A friendly man in the Bonn Telecom shop knew the solution.
This older model of a Huawei smart phone has a Google “Play Store”, the standard repository for Apps for Android, that is used by Huawei as well.
He even found a Play Store on my Huawei nova smartphone, took whatsapp from there, and installed it (with a bit of patience). He had to enter the mobile phone number of the Huawei – the user identification with whatsapp –, and the old contacts and conversations came down from whatsapp’s backup cloud storage. Thank you, Telekom, thank you Mr. A.


Link to this post https://bit.ly/fj3nwN2w8
 = https://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2021/09/whatsapp-on-huawei-nova.html

Screenshots after the successful reinstallation of Whatsapp on the Huawei.

The left page has the green Whatsapp at right and the arrows of Google Playstore one line below.

The right page includes the – for installing whatsapp – unnecessary Huawei AppGallery in dark red under the music notes.

q.e.d. – Proof.

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