1. Juni 2021

Old “Lookout for Outlook”

Lookout. Lookout for Outlook, old program, says

Indexer Finished: red message ! Error (please see details) Could not access folder 

The yellow message is just a warning and basically says:
   “FA [my file name]: ignoring error: Could not access file FA, as in use”

File names may not contain blanks! I replaced “Imap 1und1” with “Imap.1und1.de” like in my other computer, and the error was gone.

If a process has grabbed a file in a folder, im my case it was Word, lookout indexer won’t index the specific file.

If you have questions, you are welcome to ask. I use lookout since many years and never stopped using it. FA is the file I have my texts and pdfs in.


Link to here
 = https://blogabissl.blogspot.com/2021/06/altes-lookout-for-outlook.html

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