5. Oktober 2017

Windows 10 unusable on HP Pavilion X2

I have a nice, beautiful, fine, small, red HP Pavilion X2, bought last year for 400 Euro, quite some money for a piece I got to hate. I added a sizeable little SD card to store my Microsoft Office and all the data, that would not fit on the meager internal 32 Gigabyte “disc” storage, see details below.

That’s how good it looks in HP ads

Now it tells me that the Windows Update wouldn’t fit.

“You cannot install updates”
“Windows needs more storage space”, it says, and asks for 5 GByte on the interal drice C:\. Another drive won’t do.

I tried everything, deleted as much as possible, moved all I could to drive D:\, the large SD card plugged into the side. I spent hours. As journalist I got the very top support by Microsoft involved (which I try to avoid), and they couldn’t help and asked me to contact HP. But how about making an operating system, that needs no “security updates”? That stays as large as it comes, and does not blow up like a man getting ever fatter and fatter? Or runs from a stick or SD card? (Microsoft says, you can install from a stick, but not to a stick.)


I’d lovingly go back to Windows 7. I like that, a lot. And as linux_guy5 says in https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/windows-10-november-update/: “I’m 71 years old, and—morbid thought—maybe I’ll be lucky enough to pass away before Win7 is totally finished. What is it; in 2017 it goes the way of Windows XP?”. 
   I myself am 75 (see www.Joern.De), and I run all my PCs happily on Windows 7, one on XP, only this red one on 10. In the endless discussion fora of HP, where the frustrated world may guess and ponder and debate, because there is no clean support by manufacturers any more, no responsabilty for the stuff they make,
   I found a way to install Windows 7 on the X2. On my X2 as well?

 The procedure sounds horribly complicated, and so far I’m not willing to try. 
   Anyone who made it to the end, and got Win 7 running on an X2, would she or he please show a hand!

HP Pavilion x2  (22.2.2016 € 399 Media-Markt) Pavilion AC135NG  I5-6200U15  
Product-ID 00325-95895-03173-AACJEM, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC, Seriennummer CND6012XQ4. Dazugekauft Mini-SSD 32 GB

Link to here:

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