12. Juli 2014

Picasa Messes Up Web Album Names. Workaround

Picasa creates multiple same name web albums, if an upload has hung up (perhaps because you tried to direcly upload a video). I don’t know why or when Picasa creates multiple web albums with identical name, but when it happens, it’s a mess.
   Here you see apparently the same album »HalleinSommer14« appearing as four albums to choose from, when you try to upload more pictures.

You’ve got to select one of them, without knowing which one contains the main pictures. If you are lucky, you see the first (or another selected) picture, like this:

Then you can better guess which one to select for your upload. Albums without picture are empty, and that’s your ultimate goal: To empty all extra albums.

Anyway. You select an album and you upload your new pictures. After a while Picasa tells you that the upload has completed, and wouldn’t you like to immediatly see the pictures (the result, the album)? Do that! Immediately look at the upload result. That’s the only time Picasa will tell you the real name of the extra album(s).

The extra albums are called …01, …02, …03, etc. without exact sequence. You may find your newly uploaded pictures in album …02 for example, in my case say in album HalleinSommer02. That’s not where you want them. So hit "organize the album", mark all pictures, and move them to the main album. If you are lucky you’ll hit the right one, if not, repeat the moving until all your extra albums are empty and all pictures are in the main album. Tedious but effective.

And do note: Never upload videos directly along with your pictures. One video upload may mess up all: the video results as uploaded (takes rather long due to relative much data), but an error is signaled, and all the upload stops. This is repeated automatically over and over again without success. It you force a new upload, a new album will be created, same name, hidden appendix 01 etc., see above.

Upload videos by "pulling" them, i.e. hit "add photos" (»Fotos hinzufügen«) while in your browser in the picture overview of the album. This won’t mess up normal "push" type uploads from local Picasa.

Good luck. Questions to Fritz@Joern.De

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